RSL Visit

On the 20th July the 5/6s were fortunate enough to receive a visit from the Returned Services League, or RSL, who told us about the army in World War 1, 2 and the Vietnam War.  We were told by Andrew about gear, weapons and roles.  These include Jam Tin Bombs, or homemade grenades, periscopes, which you use to peer out the trenches and even the  armour, which means that a regular inventory man carries 26 kilos minimum.  He also taught us about the weapons such as gas.  Gas was one of the deadliest weapons and required special gear such as gas masks and coats.

The best part about the experience was that is was very hands-on, meaning we got to try on hats and wear coats.  We are all very grateful for this experience and we hope the RSL will visit again.

Written by Poppy & Timothy.


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