Werribee Zoo

On Thursday the 15th March a very excited group of Grade 3/4 students set off to   explore the Savannah.

“I loved the adventure at the zoo and all the animals there. It was fascinating to learn facts about the animals.” Maddy M

“The day at zoo was fantastic.” Melodie          

“It was an amazing day at the zoo.” Lilac R

“First we went to the workshop and saw a Madagascan Boa.” Samuel-John H

“We saw the wild dog, lions, hippos, monkeys, Meerkats, gorillas, rhinos and the giraffe.” Ned S

“We saw the lion enclosure and one of them was following me around.” Finn L

“We learnt about predator; an animal that is hunting another animal.” Maddi P

“When we went to the lesson about Predators and prey, we learnt about how a snake’s tongue is shaped like a fork.” By Eloise B

“We got to see some fresh water crocodiles that were tiny and six years old. They were very cute.” Oscar H

“We saw lots of animals from the safety of the Safari Bus. The Antelope even stopped the bus from crossing the road.” Clementine

“We got to see lions eating bones and meat. They were behind glass and they were so cute!” Amelie G

“It was amazing to see all of the animals roaming free from the Safari Bus. Some of them I have never seen in real life. It was terrific! “Ashley M

“We went to see the lions. One came out and sat right in front of us.” Gloria D

“My favorite animal was the lions because they were cute and furry.” Gabby

“ My favourite animal was definitely a Meer cat” William C


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